Lukan Humor

Lukan Humor

Lukan spirituality fosters (or cohabitates with?) a distinct sense of humor. In general, Lukans love wordplay, puns, and juxtaposing unrelated ideas in silly ways.

As Br. abbe Mark Stamm is prone to say, “we are very reverent in our irreverence.” While we take seriously our worship life, we are not above throwing chocolate candy during a sermon, or laughing during a solemn procession.

A reverent irreverence


A Lukan Lexicon

Holy Hardware Related

Flingy-do – An aspergillum; Sr. Ann Ferguson.

Swingy-Thingy – A thurible; Sr. Ann Ferguson.




New Fall 2023

Lukelet – Someone who is about to profess first vows

Normies – A member of the order who professes vows annually

Lifers – A member of the order who has professed life vows