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Geographical Structure of the Order of Saint Luke®

Provinces and Provincial Companions

While the Order of Saint Luke® is a dispersed Order, not requiring members to live together, we work hard at remaining connected. One of the ways that we do this is to determine geographic areas, called provinces, each of which is overseen by a Provincial Companion.

According to our Constitution and By-Laws, Provincial Companions work together with the Provincial General to support local chapters and associations. They are also the primary means of communication to OSL members who do not have a chapter nearby. They support the spiritual formation of these individuals and of the chapters. Finally, they participate in the work of the nominating committee when new officers are needed for the Order.

Currently, we have a number of wonderful sisters and brothers serving our Order as Provincial Companions. You can find that list below. If you have never contacted or been contacted by the Provincial Companion in your area, I’d encourage you to reach out and say “hi!”

New York – Sr. Agnes Saffoury

New Jersey – Sr. Ceann Hingston

Pennsylvania – Br. Rebecca Holland

Ohio – Br. Alan Brown

Indiana, Michigan – Br. Bob Jarboe

Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin – Br. Rusty Beals

Iowa, Kansas, Daktoas – Br. Christopher Montgomery

Kentucky, Tennessee – Br. Blake Gulley

Carolinas – Br. Stephen Ball

Florida – Br. Bill Olewiler

Louisiana, S Texas – Sr. Celia Kitchens Halfacre

Oklahoma, N Texas – Br. John Taylor

Arizona, S Nevada – Sr. Mary Beth Klaehn

N Nevada, N California – Br. Perry Polk

S California, Hawaii – Br. Gilbert Stones

Pacific Rim, Philippines, Singapore – Br. Doug Morrison-Cleary

You’ll notice as well that not all locations where OSL members live are covered. If you live in an area without a Provincial Companion, and you have suggestions for who might serve well in that role, please contact