The Order of Saint Luke® revolves around an annual calendar that is in many ways reflective of the liturgical calendar.  We hold our annual General Chapter meeting and Retreat in October near October 18, which is the Feast Day of Saint Luke.  This event is open to members and non-members.  It is a time of joyful worship and reflection on matters of liturgical scholarship and practice.  

Two meetings are held each year to consider matters of administration and of vision for the Order.  General officers, leaders of local chapters, and those who serve in appointed offices gather each May and in October in conjunction with the Retreat.  

There are numerous opportunities throughout the liturgical year for members and friends of the Order to meet for worship via Facebook, YouTube, and live-streaming.  These include an Easter Vigil. Pentecost services, and other significant events on the church calendar.  Information about these events can be found on the Order of Saint Luke Facebook page. Everyone is welcome to attend our worship services.