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May Meeting Cancelled

Sisters and Brothers

Re: May Council meeting

It has become clear to your officers that it is not prudent for us to proceed with our May meeting of the General Chapter of the Order of Saint Luke scheduled for May 11-13/14 in Scottsdale AZ. No one can predict the state of Covid-19 that far in the future. This uncertainty is understandably causes people to be very wary of travelling or gathering as a group. Therefore, we will cancel this Council meeting. We still intend to hold our October 12-14 retreat at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale.

The one Council agenda item that cannot be deferred is the nomination of officers for 2021-2024. After consulting with Br. French Ball, our intrepid interpreter of our constitution, we have concluded that the nominations can be handled electronically. Sr. Dianne Tobey Covault has already agreed to be the convener of our Priors and our Canons (who constitute the Nominations Committee). I will be asking her to make contact with every member of the committee to gain agreement on a slate of nominees that will then be sent to all the members of the Order for a vote this summer.

Other business of the Council can wait until our October meeting. In the meantime, the officers will confer via conference calls as needed.

If you have already expended funds for the May meeting (e.g., airplane tickets) please find out if you can cancel the tickets and get a refund from the airlines, or perhaps rebook your ticket in October for the retreat. If you have paid for tickets and the carrier will not reimburse your funds or allow you to reschedule the ticket for later, please contact Sr. Jeanette Block ( with a copy of your receipt as quickly as possible. We do not want anyone to be financially penalized by our decision.

I am very sorry to have to make this decision, but we believe that it is the wisest choice we can make. I look forward to seeing many of you in October. In the meanwhile, stay safe and wash your hands!

Sr. Abbot Elizabeth