The Call to Service Continues—New Font Editor*

Our Rule includes the Call to Service
I am grateful that our rule link our sacramental theology to our daily life in the world. In the commentary of this part of the Rule, we read: “By virtue of our baptism, God calls each of us to ministries which are a proclamation of Christ, seeking wholeness in Creation.” No one should accuse the Order of thinking small, though sometimes we slip into the arcane and self-serving! At the same time, the Order’s continuing life requires some of us to heed the call to service for some loving task within the Order. As abbot I have responsibility from time to time to appoint a sister or brother to such a task and some of you accept such calls in “openness and love” for the Order.
It is my pleasure to make such an appointment today.

New Abbatial Appointment
Today, I am appointing Sr. Cynthia Astle, OSL, to serve as Editor of The Font.
Sr. Cynthia begins her duties with the March-April 2014 issue of the newsletter. She succeeds Prior General Sr. Sue Moore, who has served as The Font’s superlative editor since 2004. Sr. Sue graciously has agreed to be available for counsel as Sr. Cynthia learns her new duties. As one of the Order’s regular publications, The Font comes under the overall supervision of Sr. Dianne Tobey-Covault, Director of Periodicals.

Sr. Cynthia asks that all future material for The Font be sent to:
The Font will continue to publish on a bimonthly schedule and be distributed via email. Those who require a printed version may send their names and postal addresses to Sr. Cynthia.

The deadline for the March-April issue is February 20 and for the May-June issue will be April 20.

Our Gratitude to Sr. Sue Moore
Along with making appointments, it is also duty as abbot to grant Sabbath time to members of the Order who have served as an appointed leader for a time. There are seasons in all of our lives and Sr. Sue has served as editor of The Font for a decade! That along with stepping up to act as interim Director of Publications and management of the day to day affairs of OSL Publications. And, she continues as one of the elected officers. She is in her second term as Prior General of the Order with, among other things, responsibility for caring for the details of the annual retreat and for interfacing with our retreat and council venues. I hope that you will give thanks to God for her work among us and that you will express directly to her you gratitude.

God bless each of you, Sisters and Brothers, as you “discern ways in which we [you] are called to serve God in the Order, the Church, and the world.”

+Br. Abbot Daniel

*Note: For visitors to our website, The Font, is our in-house newsletter for members of the Order.