2015 Annual Retreat

The Order of Saint Luke 2015 Annual Retreat

Saint Paul of the Cross, Pittsburgh PA

October 20-23, 2015

Featuring Br. Don Saliers who will lead us in conversation about Liturgy and

Moral Imagination in a context of contemporary cultural issues Plan to arrive any time after 2:00 pm on Tuesday, enjoy the afternoon catching up with your brothers and sisters and sharing an informal pizza dinner at 6:00 pm.

The Retreat formally begins with Festive Vespers for the Feast of Saint Luke, beginning at 8:30 pm. The Retreat will end at noon on Friday.

Remember: The retreat is open to all, not just to members of the Order. Do you have a friend who would enjoy great worship, plenty of laughter, some serious reflection, and  time with Br. Don Saliers? Invite them to attend with you!

Watch for information and the registration form both in the Font and online. Questions? Contact Sr. Sue Moore at esmoore@alum.mit.edu.


2015 Retreat Flier

2015 Registration Form


The Call to Service Continues—New Font Editor*

Our Rule includes the Call to Service
I am grateful that our rule link our sacramental theology to our daily life in the world. In the commentary of this part of the Rule, we read: “By virtue of our baptism, God calls each of us to ministries which are a proclamation of Christ, seeking wholeness in Creation.” No one should accuse the Order of thinking small, though sometimes we slip into the arcane and self-serving! At the same time, the Order’s continuing life requires some of us to heed the call to service for some loving task within the Order. As abbot I have responsibility from time to time to appoint a sister or brother to such a task and some of you accept such calls in “openness and love” for the Order.
It is my pleasure to make such an appointment today.

New Abbatial Appointment
Today, I am appointing Sr. Cynthia Astle, OSL, to serve as Editor of The Font. Continue reading

Stability and Community

One of the confusing and sometimes embarrassing aspects of our Order is our lack of “location”. We have no mother house. As religious we do not reside in this or that place. We are an order in dispersal. We seem to be monastic orphans. Contrary to the expectations of our culture, we have no cloister, cells or the usual trappings of Hollywood movie monks and we do not meet the expectations of those who are familiar with cloistered communities as the image of monastic life.

I confess that there are times when explaining that I am the abbot of the Order of Saint Luke I see people’s visage change to quizzical and I can tell that they are wondering where is your monastic habit and where is the community of which you are abbot. You too may experience such spoken or unspoken questions. Continue reading