Life-Vowed Membership



Br. Joseph Awotwi making Life-Vowed Profession, accompanied by Br. Guy Camp, with Br. Abbot Daniel and Br. George Crisp, Provincial Companion, officiating.

The Order of Saint Luke established life-vowed membership in 1995. As with annually- vowed membership, life-vowed members covenant to live their lives according to the Rule of Life and Service. Life-vowed members are different in terms of the duration of their professed intention, but life-vowed members are not superior to annual-vowed members. This is evident in our polity. For instance, one can hold any office in the Order (including Abbot) as either a life-vowed or annually vowed member.


Persons can enter discernment for readiness to profess life vows after living under annual vows for three years. Members seeking to enter discernment begin the process by writing to the abbot stating their request to move toward life vows.



Br. Joseph Awotwi, life-vowed member, 2011

During the discernment period, a life-vowed member accompanies the seeker throughout the process of self-examination.


Except in extenuating circumstances, life-vowed profession is made at the annual retreat.


Once a person has made life vows, they are strongly encouraged to be in regular contact with another life-vowed member in discussion of their accountability to the Rule of Life and Service.