The Order of Saint Luke is a dispersed religious order whose members affirm that they will live the Rule of Life and Service in covenant with all other members. Membership in the Order of Saint Luke is based upon an intentional commitment to the Rule of Life and Service.

Most members make an annual reaffirmation of their commitment to live the Rule of Life and Service. Some, after some years of renewing vows annually, enter a vocation to life-vows.

If you want to know more about the order and becoming a member we welcome your inquiries.

I. The path to membership

Membership in the Order of Saint Luke is vocational. We depend on the Holy Spirit to call each new brother or sister. We provide seekers with information and spiritual guidance. For starters, please explore the Facebook OSL group page for “Seekers, Inquirers and Discerners”.

The path to membership allows seekers to learn about the Order, discover its life and work, and to “try on” the common life of the Order for a period time before becoming a member. It is like trying on new shoes to see if there is a proper fit.

When seekers determine that they want to move forward toward membership there are two steps:  (1) a time of inquiry and (2) a time of final discernment. Both involve a pilgrimage of learning and discernment.

II. Membership—Profession and Reaffirmation

Professed membership in the Order begins with profession of vows and continues with an annual renewal of vows.

We do not take our affirmation lightly; we make their commitment before God, making the reaffirmation with an attitude of prayer and a time of fasting and discernment.

All renewing members are asked to reaffirm these vows annually on the Feast of Saint Luke, October 18th. Our Chancellor General sends a renewal letter to all members prior to our patronal feast day.

III. Life Vows

Some annually vowed members discern a call to profess life-vows to The Order of Saint Luke. As with annually vowed members, life-vowed members covenant to live their lives according to the Rule of Life and Service. Life-vowed members are different only in terms of the duration of their professed intention. They are not viewed as superior to annual-vowed members.

Annually renewing members who want to consider life-vows should contact the abbot. Discernment of life-vowed membership takes place under the abbot’s direction over at least one year’s time.

IV. Friends of the Order

We welcome anyone who seeks a more informal relationship with the Order of Saint Luke as Friends of the Order. Friends differ from members in that they do not make a profession of vows to live the Rule of Life and Service in covenant with members of the Order.

Friends of the Order are welcome to attend local chapter or association meetings, participate in the CyberChapter or Order of Saint Luke Facebook group, or to be part of other Covenant Communities.

If Friends of the Order contribute financially to the Order’s work, they receive our subscriptions, Sacramental Life and The Font.

V. Who to contact regarding membership.

    • If you are seeking and would like to explore relationship with the Order, contact Br. Jim Dufriend. ( He will guide you in the discernment process.
    • If you are an annually vowed member and have concerns or questions about your ongoing relationship, contact the Chancellor General, Sr. Jeanette Block. (
    • If you are an annually vowed member and have questions about life vows and discernment, contact Abbot Elizabeth Moore. (
    • If you would like to be a Friend of the Order, please make your request to the Chancellor General ( with your contact information.