The Rule of Life and Service of The Order of Saint Luke


The Rule of Life and Service of The Order of Saint Luke is a primary means of spiritual formation by which all members covenant to live. Each member vows to abide by this Rule and to indicate their commitment by study, service, gifts and practice.

The Rule of Life and Service of the Order of Saint Luke consists of six brief statements in boldface type. Commentary on the Rule,  in normal typeface, was adopted by the Council of the General Chapter in the year 2000.

We affirm the apostolic hope:

With the apostles and the Church through the ages, we affirm Jesus Christ, Sacrament of the presence of God, as the source of our hope. We take our name from St. Luke the Evangelist, and seek to be incorporated into the paschal mystery he proclaims. We pray that we may be formed by the Incarnation, life, death, resurrection, ascension, gift of the Holy Spirit, and coming again of Jesus Christ. We are sent forth to proclaim and to live the hope that good news brings.

We live for the Church of Jesus Christ:

We believe that the Church is the Body of Christ and we are called to worship, learning, community, and service as members of that Body. We affirm our fidelity to oneness in Christ in the Church truly catholic, truly apostolic, truly evangelical, and truly reformed which supersedes all division by denomination, and which we believe God will gather from a broken Christendom. Our mission includes calling the Church to liturgical and sacramental renewal, and seeking to bring the healing grace of Christ to all Creation.

We seek the sacramental life:

We are called to become aware of God’s presence through eucharistic living. We seek to live out our baptism into Christ’s death and resurrection. We receive with gratitude all that God has given us and offer it up to God. We receive it again from God, transformed to use for the sake of the world. We join the Church though the ages and around the world in recognizing that all time is in God’s hands. As we faithfully pray the Daily Office, and live so as to embody our prayers, we endeavor to live the sacramental life. By so doing, we seek to be formed as a means of grace for all those we meet and serve in Christ’s name.

We promote the corporate worship of the Church:

We believe that the corporate worship of the Church is liturgy — the work of the people on behalf of all creation — which is our response to the revelation of God’s grace. Through our collective memory and our shared hope, the Holy Spirit acts in Word and Sacrament making present to us the saving acts of God and transforming us so that we can be God’s people. Through our worship, we seek the glorification of God and the sanctification of the Church. This worship is offered in the name of the community which claims it as the manifestation of its own identity and mission.

We seek to encourage the Church to worship with vitality and integrity, appropriating the rites and services of the Church, historically and ecumenically grounded, which enable us to worship together in the name of Jesus Christ. We honor the worship traditions of the past and seek to be open to new ways of expressing the heritage of faith they embody in ways that speak to us and for us in the present. We witness to the saving and transforming work of God which renews us in Christ’s Body, the Church, through the continual offering up of our lives to God.

We magnify the sacraments:

We believe that the sacraments are Christ’s gift to the Church. Individually and corporately we are called to lift up these mysteries in the life of the Church as means of grace through which we are formed as Christian disciples.

Through the baptismal covenant, we are incorporated into the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. God calls us to live out the redemptive, liberating, justice-seeking ministry of Jesus. We seek to deepen our understanding of the Church, of the significance of the baptismal covenant, and the Eucharist for Christian discipleship and service.

We believe that the Eucharist re-presents the life-gift of Jesus Christ in which the living spirit of Christ is truly present to us, preserving and reforming Christ’s Body, the Church. Frequent celebration of the Eucharist forms us in the sacramental life empowering us to become Christ’s healing presence in the world.

We accept the call to service:

By virtue of our baptism, God calls each us to ministries which are a proclamation of Christ, seeking wholeness for Creation. Through sacramental, prophetic, and pastoral ministries we turn in openness and love to the world. We identify with the whole community of humankind, especially those who live on the margins, and invite people to touch our lives as we touch their. Thus may all know the perfect joy of being reconciled with God. In community with our brothers and sisters, we seek to discern ways in which we are called to serve God in The Order, the Church, and the world.

Adopted in the present form by the Council of The Order of Saint Luke; October, 2000.