Cantors Br. George Crisp and Br. Brent Sturm

The official habit of the order is worn by laity and clergy and is identical. The habit consists of:

* a white alb of unspecified style
* a red rope cincture knotted on the left side (optional)
* a red scapular with the OSL logo as depicted at left
* (an OSL patch attached to the left sleeve of the alb–optional)

As a symbol of equality within the Order, we do not wear symbols of rank, or symbols distinguishing ordination status (nor do we use titles other than those indicating a specific office within the Order.)

Only the Celebrant at a particular Eucharist wears a stole and/or chasuble at OSL events. Everyone else wears the common habit (the exception being the General Officers, who wear scapulars embroidered with a symbol of their office in addition to the OSL logo.)

The wearing of the OSL habit is entirely voluntary. If members choose not to wear it, they are still requested to refrain from wearing a stole unless presiding at Eucharist. The scapular color does not change with the liturgical seasons, but remains red, even when worn by members participating as worship leaders or assistants, because it is a vestment of the order rather than a liturgical vestment.

Pectoral crosses are worn by some, but not all, many choosing to wear the OSL logo cross.
The OFFICIAL scapular of The Order of Saint Luke is manufactured by Gaspard, Inc.


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